Episode 1: Moving towards a business advisory practice

Welcome to the first episode of ‘The Savvy Accountant’.

‘The Savvy Accountant’ is a podcast/video series designed to help accountants get up to speed with the rapid evolution of today’s digital age.

Hosted by Jim Stewart, this fortnightly series will explore topics on cloud computing, such as cloud apps, software-as-a-service, and enterprise systems, all things mobile with an emphasis on devices and apps, online collaborative tools, and social media and web marketing.

We’ll interview industry experts, business advisors and of course, savvy accountants who are doing interesting things with their practices. We’re not helping you become better accountants; we’re helping you become smarter on leveraging digital technology to improve the efficiency and profitability of your practice.

Our first guest is Mark Holton, director of SmiThink 2020, an outfit that helps accountants turn their practices into great businesses. In this episode, Mark explores the question plaguing accountants on the brink of growing their business: How do I take my practice to the next level?

As compliance based services become commodities, leading practices have moved towards offering business advisory services. And why not?

According to Mark’s research, 80 percent of businesses name their accountant as the person they trust the most. However, many accountants are so tied to compliance jobs that they can’t or won’t offer the advice their clients are looking for. Mark takes us through a step-by-step blueprint for becoming a successful business advisory practice with a focus on reliance, instead of compliance.

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Upcoming guests include PR and content marketing expert Trevor Young, Google+ expert Bruce Polderman and NSW accountant Amanda Gascoigne.