Dropbox introduces new changes to AccountEdge

Dropbox has recently updated its platform, including their application programming interface (API).

It will continue to support existing users on the older version of their API until April, but will stop support next month onwards.

These changes will affect MYOB’s AccountEdge mobile application. On our end, we have upgraded AccountEdge to work with the latest supported version of Dropbox.

So, if you’re using AccountEdge or AccountEdge Mobile, you have to update to the latest versions of both software for Dropbox to work and sync properly.

What do I need to do?

To continue to use AccountEdge with AccountEdge Mobile, you will need to update your device to use AccountEdge Mobile v2.1 and also update the desktop version of AccountEdge to v12.1.

An update is available for all users on the current version of AccountEdge Basic v1, AccountEdge Pro v12 and AccountEdge Network Edition v12. Log in to my.myob  and download your update.

What if I’m on an earlier version?

If you are a MYOB Cover member, simply log in to my.MYOB and download the latest version.  You’ll also need to update the AccountEdge Mobile app – visit the App Store to update today.

For all other users, the easiest way to ensure your software is always up to date  is to join MYOB Cover  today.  Visit myob.com.au/cover today or call 1300 555 151

For more information on Dropbox and AccountEdge compatibility check out our FAQs.