Don’t forget to tell people!


Just because you have made a beautiful Facebook Page and have a witty Twitter Bio it doesn’t mean everyone will come flocking to your page to hang out. Like everything else; you have to promote your social pages. “Build it and they will come” probably won’t happen unless you’re the AllBlacks.

Your social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, your LinkedIn company profile and your company blog should become apart of the fabric of your business. Just like your key selling points they should be advertised and promoted to help build awareness.

You’re going to start inviting customers and fans from Radio, Television, Newspapers, Magazines, Billboards, Email Newsletters, Website Banner ads, Webinars, Call Centre conversations, Business cards, Email signatures, Posters, Fliers, and Direct Mailers and even from your check-out conversations. Every opportunity you have to publish your social URL’s or ask a customer if they use Facebook or Twitter is a chance to build your fan base online. Each moment starts the conversation.

Of course asking people to become a fan or follow you is not the basis of a successful social media plan. But it is commonly something many businesses forget about. Everyone else is doing it; you don’t have to be shy about having a Business Facebook Page.

Give people a reason to follow you on Twitter or become a Fan on Facebook. Even if the incentive is a competition that can be enough to get people to follow you. Then you have the chance to engage your audience in interesting content and conversations to ensure people maintain a consistent level of participation with your brand.

Social Media is all about the conversations. Engagement does not have to include your sales or special offers. In fact it’s probably better if you keep special offers exactly that…special.

I’m sure; in fact I guarantee that there are loads of great stories flying around your business, your customers, suppliers and staff that would engage people in your business. Insights, research, product development, industry observations and discussions around local issues that affect your business are all great opportunities to connect with people that share a common interest.

So I want to see your social URL’s on all your marketing collateral, in TV commercials, in your radio adverts and email signatures. Because no one will be a fan if they don’t know about it.

But why don’t you start here!  What’s your Twitter handle?  How can I find your Facebook page?


Justin Flitter | Social Media Consultant –