Confidence is a killer brand quality

26th June, 2017

Melbourne-based stylist Lana Wilkinson makes a living from fashion, but her mission is to bring out a very internal quality in her clients: confidence.

Wilkinson is used to dressing celebrities, socialites and the very-much in-crowd.

But she recently took on the challenge of transforming MYOB’s very own in-house futurist Keran McKenzie with Silicon Valley-chic.

She told McKenzie that people should view themselves as an extension of their business’ brand.

But she said that her job wasn’t to fit her clients for the sake of making them hip.

“My job is to collaborate with [my] clients…whether it be a brand to bring a vision to life, or a person to build on their own personal brand,” said Wilkinson.

“You don’t want to change people – it’s about elevating.

“One of the reasons I work really well with [my clients], is [that] it’s about adopting what the best things are about them, and building on that.”

Once she knows what the client is trying to achieve, she has one goal in mind: to bring out her client’s natural confidence.

“When you’re feeling a hundred [bucks], that kind of radiates off you,” said Wilkinson.

“When people feel that, you can’t help but feel good, and then my job’s done.”