Changing of the app guard

Looking at my iPhone and iPad today I realized there had been a changing of the guard. The apps I traditionally assumed I was using have kind of fallen by the way side and a new breed has taken their place. Change is normal and the tools we use do go in and out of favor every now and then but I thought it would be nice to mark the moment with a little blog post.


Here are my top three right now.







What is it about this app, I’ve got no idea. I mean whats the big deal, you take a crappy photo and send it around.  There are a million ways to do that – Facebook being the most common these days (which is probably why they bought them). What this app has done for me is replace both Twitter and Foursquare.  I used to like to occasionally record my ramblings or arrival at a certain location and more often than not I would do it with a photo attached. Instagram lets you take a photo, put a pretty boarder around it, and then also post the photo to either Twitter or Foursquare or both, or just to its own network. So I kinda get the best of all worlds now with the added benefit of getting to look at a few nice photos from around the place, just for fun.








Zite is a magazine app and is simply awesome on the iPad. You choose a bunch of topics you find interesting (from a list) and Zite goes out to the web and comes back with a highly rated collection of blog posts or news articles and lays them out nicely for you to read. I used to use Flipbook but I now find myself using Zite exclusively. I guess I just prefer the content it returns. And whats more you can indicate your satisfaction level with its selection on a per article basis and it learns what you like and dislike.







Triple Town

This is a puzzle game. You place things in groups of threes around the board and they become a more advanced structures. So three shrubs become a tree, three trees become a shack, three shacks become a house… you get the picture. There are a bunch of different things you can place, there are baddies who try to make things hard for you, and you need to balance progress with layout and a bit of luck. Its very rich and I’m totally obsessed. This took over from a deep Angry Birds obsession but that’s a whole other post.


What apps are keeping you tapping away late at night?


Simon Raik-Allen | Chief Technology Officer – MYOB