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Paper Bag Bandits

Money talks. Has it said anything to you lately?


Did you hear about the rather lucrative printer cartridge deal?

The highlight for me was the public servant who:

‘… bought enough black toner cartridges to supply the government department for 40 years — despite

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Paper Runs


All this hit my letter box in just two days!


I must get a proper NO JUNK MAIL sign.

Each time my home-made one falls off, I have a Brazil moment.

Someone, somewhere, must benefit from this bumf.

But who?!

Client companies? Ad agencies? Graphic designers? Printers? Paper

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Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em

Blink and you may miss it.

Here’s a business tip I learnt the hard way:

If you get a gig, job, order, project, piece of work or commission, do it NOW.

If you don’t, it may not be there tomorrow.

For several

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Making Stuff Up


What’s the magic word?


We’ve seen how business strap lines can become part of mainstream culture.

How about words?

Hoover, Xerox and Google all went from brand names to generic English terms.

Can we give our brands a similar boost?


Word Up

In almost every book

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Sour Cream & the Metagame

To thrive in business, look beyond your game.

We can reasonably describe business as a game. There are certainly winners and losers. Gaming is an important analogy. These days, it’s not enough to merely play the game. Because chances are, your customers are playing the metagame.


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