Cashing in on the cloud:Impact and opportunities – Part 2


In part 1 of “Cashing in on the Cloud”, our expert panel talked about the improvement accounting practices are experiencing with cloud technology.

In this instalment, the panel answers the question we’ve been asked numerous times … how do accountants and bookkeepers make money from the cloud?

David Smith from Smithink 2020 suggests the following:

  • Use technology that creates efficiencies (such as sharing data online using AccountRight Live and LiveAccounts)
  • Take the opportunity to become an external CFO to your clients

Pam Madytianos of 2Peas and Bookkeepers4U agrees, saying the cloud offers new service opportunities for everyone. MYOB’s Tim Reed, meanwhile, cautions that it is important to target the right consulting services that you’re comfortable focusing on.

One of the huge changes sweeping the industry is the ability to bill up-front. Fixed pricing ensures there’s value for practices and bookkeepers as well as for clients.

Watch part two of Cashing in on the Cloud for plenty more ideas to … well … cash in on the cloud!

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