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Some of the best moves require a step back.


A funny thing happened when I told clients I was taking a week off.

Several of them:

  1. Wished me well.
  2. Asked where I was going.
  3. Immediately sent more work.

What a reaction! I should do this more often!

Does this sort of thing happen to you?

Heads up

My email didn’t even say I was going on holiday.

It just said I was going ‘offline’.

Thanks to years of unnatural selection, however, my clients are particularly smart, intuitive, interested and caring.

So they were able to join the dots.


Well done

It was jolly nice to be wished well.

Having had only a few days off in the past year, I’m beyond due for a break.

I’m in that grey zone where you’re so used to working that you put it ahead of everything – including your health.

Yet in so doing, you become progressively less efficient until you finally grind to a halt and can’t even spell accoutrements.


Tail wind

Being asked where I was going didn’t just make me feel good, it also made me focus on my holiday.

Sending clients the link to where I was staying forced me to look at the pictures again.

I started to get excited; realising this break was actually going to happen.

Anticipation is one of the benefits of time out, so it was great to start deriving value from my rare investment.



The extra work wasn’t such a surprise.

Before I go away, I suggest that clients bring forward any pipeline projects.

What did surprise me was the reaction from one client for whom I’d done no work for 18 months.

It seems the mere act of contacting her triggered something she’d been thinking about for yonks but hadn’t got round to doing.

Winston Marsh has long suggested we should contact customers at least once a month – just to say g’day.

Looks like he’s right again.


Cashed up

The extra work, though making for a busy lead-up week, will help fund my time away.

One of the downers of business, of course, is that holidays cost you twice: the price you pay plus the income you forgo.

Sitting in the sun, worrying about your cash flow, is hardly conducive to relaxation.

So, if you can make extra loot before you go, it’s a very good thing.


Time on

After my ranting this week, you’re probably pleased I’m taking a chill pill.

One kind client even made me swear I’d book my next holiday on this one!

So where are you with your holidays?

a) I take ‘em every year. To do otherwise is insane.
b) I’m usually pretty good, but lately it’s been hard to get away.
c) I’m so tired, I can’t spell accoutrements either.
d) I’m so tired, I can’t spell cat.
e) What’s a holiday? What the hell are you talking about?!
f) Other (describe).

If/when you do holiday, how do you (and your clients) handle your absence?

Please put us in the picture.

Having a lovely blog.

Wish you were here.



Paul Hassing | Founder & Senior Writer – The Feisty Empire

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