Business lessons I just learned from Michael Buble

For anyone who has the pleasure of knowing me out in the real world, they’ll definitely know that anything by Michael Buble has never been on my iPod play list.  And that’s not due to me having no appreciation for what it is he has to offer to the musical world and his adoring audiences, his music is just not my cup of tea.

There are many musical acts that fall into this same category, but now and then an artist or band will do something so unexpectedly cool, that someone like me who had no previous interest will sit up and take notice. Perfect example – Michael Bolton doing guest vocals on a song about Jack Sparrow.

This morning I came across an instance that projected Michael Buble to the status of ‘unexpectedly awesome’ while checking out PR Warriors latest blog post in which the following video was embedded:

Firstly, that video taught me that Michael Buble is a good dude! But it also taught me a few more things:

Lesson #1: Listening to your audience can be very rewarding

Playing in front of a huge crowd he acknowledged one lady who wanted to let him know it was her son’s birthday.  The fact she was at the front of the stage would suggest she likely paid some pretty big coin to get good seats.  She represents his core audience; the very people who allow him to be able to sell out a show that large night after night.

He didn’t ignore her.  He even went out of his way to listen and help her out.  And from the crowd’s reaction, that little bit of attention he showed that one person, resulted in many hundreds (or if you take into account YouTube views millions) of people having a great experience.

Lesson #2: Helping out when you’re able can benefit everyone

Michael Buble helped that kid achieve a lifetime goal that I’m sure he’d only ever dreamed about.  He had the capability of making someone’s dream come true and he did it.  And by doing so he not only solidified his core audience but gained an audience that otherwise wouldn’t have been interested.

Lesson #3: Social Media is a great way to attract an audience – new and old

Previous to this morning Michael Buble was someone I hadn’t and likely wouldn’t think about ever, yet here I am writing a blog post all about him just a couple of hours later – all due to social media.

  • I saw a post on Twitter.
  • Clicked through to a blog.
  • Watched a YouTube video.

In the space of 10 seconds, I had interacted with 3 social media platforms.  Those interactions transformed a subject I previously had no interest in, to develop into something I‘d then write about and share with you guys.

It’s never been quicker, cheaper or easier to reach such a large audience in such a little amount of time.  When done correctly, social channels can prove greatly rewarding for interacting with both current and potential customers and audiences.

Lesson #4: Develop a sultry smooth voice and people buy anything you’re selling

This isn’t so much business advice as it is life advice.

I don’t think there is a person in the world that wouldn’t buy what you are offering if you can sell it as smoothly as Michael Buble could.  Not too sure how I find out how to get a voice like his, but I definitely think it’s worth the investigation.

So there you have it, four lessons (okay, maybe only three) Michael Buble singing with a 15 year old kids just taught me.  I may not be running out to buy one of his albums just yet, but Michael Buble has just scored himself a brand new fan.

Picture by Kempton


Daylan Pearce | Search/Content Developer – MYOB