Brandi & Co – it’s what’s inside that counts

Progressive accountants are rewriting the way they’re perceived, and that begins with their offices.

If your youth was anything like mine, you’ll be no stranger to the long wait outside the headmaster’s office.

You’ll remember little of what was said, or why you were there, but I’m sure you’ll remember the wait.

The grey, hard-wearing carpet, the cold unwelcoming and uncomfortable chairs, the walls bare and untended but for a notice board that had long gone unnoticed.

You’ll remember leaving that purgatorial place with the life sucked from your bones, unable to express protest, opinion or a single creative thought.

All too often, the offices of accountants are the same – lifeless places where time stands still despite the awesome and inspiring work those accountants do for their clients, day in, day out.

Instead of being open and conducive to the the exchange of information, they only inspire silence.

That’s why I was so taken by the offices at Brandi & Co, where principal David Brandi set out to create a unique atmosphere and experience for his clients and staff.

But this office is about more than a lick of paint and some cool artwork on the walls.

Brandi said he wants clients to  “look at the ambience of the office and share more than they usually do”.

In addition, he wants his staff to feel like “it’s not an office, it’s a way of life, it’s exciting and its fun”.

The results have been extraordinary. Clients who talk freely about their business, colleagues inspired by their surroundings who want to go the extra mile and find creative ways to add value. It has transformed the way Brandi & Co do business.

See for yourself in the video above.

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