Booking a win

Have I got a story for you!


Social media is still the Wild West for companies seeking promotion.

Amid a year of spectacular fails, one quiet achiever is proving instructive.

Their online initiative is:

  • Blindingly simple.
  • Devastatingly targeted.
  • Refreshingly modest.
  • Extremely clever.
  • Definitely worth a look.



It’s said that ‘everyone has a book in them’.

I wish I could recall who added ‘… and for most books, that’s the best place for it!’

My novel manuscript has mocked me from my bookcase for 14 years.

Ever since publishers stemmed the torrent of unsolicited submissions by refusing to take them.

So, imagine my surprise this week when I found one publisher had reopened the door.


The plot thickens

In following some writers on Twitter, I’d stumbled on Penguin Books Australia.

I was instantly transfixed by one of their recent tweets:

“Penguin Australia is now accepting unsolicited manuscripts! Read the submission guidelines here:”

If you’ve ever tried to get a book published, you’ll know how freakishly hard it is.

Examining Penguin’s revolutionary offer, I saw it had already been retweeted by 168 bookworms.

Talk about drilling down a rich seam!

This sharing shows the camaraderie of writers. Anyone planning to submit was reducing their prospects by spreading the news.

And, bugger it, so will I!


Signing the reads

Impressed by Penguin’s non-Draconian submission guidelines, I checked their Twitter page.

Still glowing with gratitude, I spotted three titles in their background photo that I immediately wanted to own.

It was here that I realised the genius:

Make hungry punters feel special, show them some candy, but don’t try to flog it.



Book marks

I now see Penguin are all over Facebook too.

Someone very savvy is running their social media.

This morning I submitted my manuscript, thus wresting an ancient, rabid gorilla from my back.

For all I know, Penguin’s ‘other end’ is merely a captive work experience kid with a red crayon.

Despite the towering probability of rejection, checking my emails for the next three months will carry a frisson of hope.

This tale has legs.

I’m telling you about it.

I’m inviting Penguin to comment.

And the next time I’m in Readings, you can bet your bibliography I’ll be positively disposed to grab something from the classics.


Your story

Well, that’s the end.

Or is it?

Have you written a book?

Do you have one in you?

What do you think of the Penguin’s progress?

We’re sitting comfortably …

Please begin!



Paul Hassing | Founder & Senior Writer – The Feisty Empire