Are You Future-Proof?

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                                                  The world’s changing
… at record speed.

Snuff, heliographs, dreadnoughts, ticker tape, space hoppers …

The obsolescence list is long.

Last week I learned what happened to US Blockbuster for not switching from DVDs to movie downloads.

It can be fascinating to watch slow-motion disasters.

But what if the light in your tunnel is on the front of a runaway train?!

Ad Unaware

You may have heard that 24 of the world’s top 25 newspapers are in record decline*.

Seth Godin has predicted their death for yonks.

Yet as little as two years ago, I was still planning my fiscal future around printed job ads that today barely exist.

Reading Joanna Maxwell’s excellent post on risk, I recalled the massive shift I had to make to ensure my survival.

But rather than rebore you with my incredible journey to the Land of Blog, I’d like to know if and how you’re future-proofing yourself and your business.

For instance:

  • Could your present skill set soon be irrelevant?
  • Might current barriers to entry melt away, leaving you open to competition?
  • Could global warming make your product or service range unviable?
  • Will legal, social, economic or technological shifts render your sector obsolete?

Confusion & Change = Opportunity

The good news is that not all change is bad.

Even the foulest wind is good for some.

Our Naomi has hung her safe-party shingle just as kids are getting smashed and stabbing each other to death.

Inflatable jumping castles may not ride this wave of change so well.

The New You

I’d like this post to record what lies on your horizon and how you and your business may (or may not) cope.

Go ahead.

Tell us your future.

We’re looking forward to it!


If not, check out 3:27 in this amazing video.

Paul Hassing, Founder & Senior Writer, The Feisty Empire