Introducing Timely for appointment scheduling

It’s an exciting time here in the API space at MYOB as we bring some fantastic new solutions to our customers. Today we’re taking a look at Timely, an online appointment scheduling application that allows easy creation and management of appointments through web or iPad interfaces.

Keran McKenzie, MYOB API Evangelist, sat down to speak with Timely CTO, Andrew Schofield, to take a look at Timely and how it integrates with MYOB AccountRight Live cloud files.

Hi, Andrew! Tell us what is Timely?

Timely develops appointment software for any service business that needs scheduling.

How does Timely help small businesses?

Timely is packed full of features including a beautiful calendar that supports multiple staff and locations, an online booking plugin and SMS/email reminders that will reduce no-shows. Invoicing and payments come standard. We also love helping our customers grow and flourish with features like a free mini-website, Facebook app, email marketing and more.

Timely scheduling software
Timely looks good on all your devices

Timely is cloud-based, meaning it can be accessed from anywhere. It’s a joy to use on desktops, tablets and smartphones. There are no setup fees, no fixed term contracts and it’s all backed by amazing support.

How does Timely integrate with MYOB AccountRight Live?

The integration between Timely and MYOB brings together the best of both worlds – effortless appointment scheduling in Timely with accounting information in MYOB.

Once an appointment or job is completed in Timely, an invoice can be raised and pushed into MYOB. The associated payment and customer information is also synchronised to provide the complete picture to the business owner.

Customer information including names and contact details is shared and updated automatically between both systems. This is a glimpse of how they work together.

You can register for a free 30 day trial on Timely’s website Prices start at just $19 per month.

Thank you Andrew for taking the time to chat with us and unpack Timely for us. We are excited to have the integration up and running. If you’d like to learn more about Timely and MYOB AccountRight Live check out the links below:

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