AccountRight’s latest update – Who will benefit?

Welcome to 2013.3!

AccountRight 2013.3, to be exact. We’re releasing our next update to MYOB partners this week, with clients to follow suit soon. With a major focus on speed, our latest update shows speed and performance gains in a number of key areas.

While the improvements are compelling (spend money is 40 percent faster; sales and purchases are twice as quick, reports are 30 percent faster, for example), I thought it might be more helpful to understand who is going to benefit from this release.

I’m delighted, therefore, to present my not-very-exhaustive-but-quite-informative list called:

Users who will benefit from AccountRight 2013.3

1. The SUPER User

AccountRight Super User

There are major gains for clients who have a lot of data entry to complete. For example, when you do a bank rec and enter any of the transactions in the right-click menu [see image below], the Reconcile Accounts window will refresh automatically and much faster than before. So you won’t waste time looking for transactions or risk entering the same transaction twice.

AccountRight 2013.3


AccountRight Slow Internet User


Many of the speed changes will be most notable for those with a slow internet connection. That’s because we’ve stripped away the superfluous data to make slim, fast transfers a reality. In fact we’ve reduced the amount of data that’s uploaded from your desktop to our servers by up to 65 percent.

With less data sent behind the scenes, lists load faster, transactions record quicker and synchronising and checking your file in and out is speedier too.


AccountRight Report Hungry users

We’ve focused on speeding up the reports you use most often, and large reports are now about 30% faster to generate. Even lists in the report filters are quicker to load, so you can choose what you want to report on faster.

4. The “KEEP-IT-SIMPLE” User

AccountRight Keep-it-Simple User

Much like the super user, this user will enjoy the improvements of our workflow. Quirks have been removed; processes have been improved; it just feels easier to use.

For example, we’ve tweaked how the date fields work to help speed up data entry and reduce errors. Now when you change the day in a date field, the month won’t automatically reset to the current month, which is great for when you’re backdating transactions.

And when you’re in the Reconcile Accounts window and select the Bank Statement Date using the calendar, transactions up to the selected date will appear instantly. Previously, transactions would only appear after tabbing out of the date field, but that wasn’t obvious enough.

What else has changed?

There are heaps more in the update, so stay tuned. For MYOB partners, read all about them in the release notes in my.MYOB. We will be releasing this update to all our clients very soon.

P.S: Check out our previous update with AccountRight’s software updating process.