A little bit open for business…

What are you doing reading this post? Just checking email quickly between courses? Are you on your smart phone?  Chances are, you are probably not alone.

The few days between Christmas and New Year are an interesting time for those that have to – or decide to – work.

Some industries never close, others use the time to catch up while others are on holiday and for others, the holidays are meaningless and just another day at the office.

The three days between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve provide a rare opportunity for business owners and dedicated staff to work solidly without disruption. Without the interruptions and chaos of the normal working day then you can address all of those jobs you never really got around to doing when the heat was on.

On the flip side, they also provide an opportunity for some less motivated (or burnt out) staff to take advantage of having no one looking over their shoulder.

Without someone watching your every move you can even leave early (some guilt-free, having stormed through piles of work without being side-tracked by others, others, well, just goofing off).

These days technology is making it too easy for holidaymakers to be roped back into a working mindset even when they’re in a much more appealing recovery headspace.

While I’ve traditionally been an off-peak worker, this holiday season I’m trying to actually take a bit of break. After I’ve finished writing this blog post. And I might just have a quick check of my email. Or not.