A good case of the YEPs (Year End Processes)


As we edge – ok, rush – closer to the end of financial year, May is a good month to take a step back and assess whether we’re prepared for the busy times ahead.

From a personal point-of-view, I know I’ll be spending May and June madly scurrying about ensuring our team of MYOB Live Advisors is best prepared to assist you and your clients with the transition to AccountRight Live. However this week is all about planning for me. It’s all about making sure I know what I need to know before someone else needs to know it!

I’m telling you this because our AccountRight Financial Year-end Processes (or YEPs, as I like to call them) online seminar is coming up next month – probably the most important seminar we run each year. And I figured if you take the time today to book in, you’ll be better prepared for when your clients drop by in the new financial year.

The online seminar is for accountants with clients that use AccountRight software. Specifically, it’s for accountants responsible for the financial year-end processing and reporting for those clients.

This year’s webinar is the first we’ve run since the launch of AccountRight Live – as such it will contain essential content for those accountants whose clients have already moved to the new platform.

Attendance is free for all staff of an MYOB Connected Accounting Practice, and $247.50 for accountants who are not part of the program.

This year the two hour seminar will focus on the following aspects:

  • Review year-end checklist
  • Locate and filter typical year-end reports
  • End-of-period adjustments in reports
  • View a report in Excel
  • Reconciliation tips
  • Create an adjustment note for bad debt
  • Locking the previous financial year
  • End of financial year and payroll year processes

If, like me, you’re putting time aside this month to gather your breath, wits, and thoughts before the busy times ahead, take a moment to book yourself in to a YEP webinar. Be prepared, as the boy scouts are fond of saying!

Book your YEP webinars here