A chance to experience some magic of Disney

Many of us work hard in our businesses not just to make a living, but to also create a legacy for future generations. Some children may inherit a house or the family business, and some, like Abigail Disney, may inherit a fortune.

Abigail Disney is known internationally for many things. She’s an acclaimed documentary maker, a philanthropist, mother of four, oh and the grand-niece of Walt Disney.

According to an article in the Good Weekend magazine on Saturday, she received a large inheritance from her grandfather, Walt’s brother, and is reported to have once bought the most expensive apartment in New York’s Upper East Side of Manhattan. Abigail has also given more than $6.8million in grants through her Daphne Foundation.

On a recent trip to New York, I heard strangers singing Abigail’s praises at a nearby table as I dined at one of the city’s renowned eateries. I love hearing from people who use their money to help make a positive impact on the world and when I found out she was visiting Australia in a couple of weeks, I was excited to have a rare opportunity to hear her speak.

On November 29, Abigail will be in Melbourne speaking as a guest of the Australian Women Donors Network, a great organisation which advocates for greater investment in women and girls, and I’ll be there ready to experience some magic of Disney.

Abigail’s list of achievements is too long to list in its entirety, but some of the highlights are: founder of the Daphne Community and Peace is Loud, serving on the boards of The White House Project, Global Fund for Women and the Roy Disney foundation, a member of Women Moving Millions and creator of the hard-hitting documentary Pray Them Back to Hell.

Her work is mostly built around correcting the injustices that are served to women around the world. These are women without choices, freedom or hope, and problems that most of us would see as too big or difficult to solve. These are the issues that set Abigail Disney in motion.

Abigail is coming to Australia to launch her latest documentary production Women, War and Peace and to present a Master Class in philanthropy. Events are being held in Melbourne and Sydney.

My organisation m.a.d.woman is already committed to improving the community, environment and people in need. While I don’t have the funds that Abigail Disney has, I’m definitely looking forward to hearing how one woman’s passion for change is making a difference and to seeing if I can pick up some new ideas.

As you build your business coffers, what steps do you have in place for investing in the world around you?