99.9% of your fans do not visit your Facebook page

Shocking right? What’s the point in having a Facebook page for your business if no one ever goes to it?

Now stop reading this article, open Facebook and think about the user experience.

Now back to me.

People don’t go to your Facebook page because the the action of ‘liking it’ usually happens from your company website, or when a friend shares your post, or someone scans your QR code. People can also like your page through a sponsored story or other Facebook ads.

Then your posts appear in their News Feed and they might share or like that content. So unless there is some other incentive people have no need to actually visit your brand page.

Realising this helps you to understand the power of the post. If your Facebook updates are not interesting, useful, funny or otherwise engaging and posted at the right time you’re seriously going to struggle to gain any traction.

In order to really use Facebook to market your business you should be an active user yourself. You need to understand how people use Facebook and what content and tactics generate the most engagement and interactions.

  • When you open Facebook you see your news feed. To most people that’s all of Facebook they see or use.
  • Your news feed doesn’t contain every post from all your friends or all the pages you’ve liked.
  • You can change your news feed to show more, or everything, or the most recent from everyone, but fewer than 10 to 20 percent of people do this.
  • If you have a Facebook page, all your fans do not see all your posts. The fans who have liked or comment on your page’s posts will see more of your posts.

So your task for today is to spend one hour studying Facebook. Go to as many brand pages as you can, check them out, look at all their custom tabs, think about how much work went in to them. Then look at their wall and study their updates, what are they sharing, how many likes and comments did they get etc. Look at your competitors Facebook pages and learn what they do that gets good reactions.

Next week we’ll talk about providing customer service and support through social networks. As always if you have any burning social media questions please use the comments box below.


Justin Flitter | Social Media Consultant – justinflitter.co.nz