Six different ways to use email marketing

How to use email marketing

You may have heard of Life Cycle Email Marketing. It is built on the notion that all customers are in a different part of the purchasing journey with your business.

For prospects that are not ready to buy right now, great email automation can get them further along the buying cycle and automate your sales without engaging your business development team. You can even set up trigger emails to attract the customer’s interest, educate the buyer and nurture the lead.

As for new email subscriber, you can send them anything you like, such as a welcoming email, bonus offer if they share your news, free webinar, or a list of your frequently asked questions. These messages can be set up to deploy automatically, also called ‘auto-responders’. You can even space the emails out as a series over an extended period of time.

Here are a few ideas for trigger emails to your prospects and clients.

1. Create a FREE information series

If done right, this can be the reason someone signs up to your mailing list in the first place. A good topic to tackle is educating your target audience on how to overcome the exact reason and pain point they bought/or may buy your product or service in the first place.  Regarding timing, there are several possibilities. For example, you can set make it intensive with emails every day for seven days, or once a week for seven weeks.

2. Welcome customers with an informational email on how to get started with your product

People don’t know what they don’t know. Use email to highlight key features of the product they just bought or useful, complimentary tools they may want to add on. You want customers using your product to its full potential and raving about it. Once they are set up, you can forget about them and still be assured that your buyers are getting a full tour of your brand.

3. Send a thank you or welcome video

This video can be from one of the key people within your organisation thanking customers for their purchase. This is a great opportunity to share your company’s story and make a great personal connection.

4. Provide a one time, limited offer that compliments the product or service they just bought

For the contacts in your database who are already customers, chances are they like what you do and may want more.  Send a highly customised “You may also like” email of the other products and services you offer. Just make sure it is relevant.

5. Incentivise dormant members of your database

Did you know that you can export a mailing list based on the level of activity of its members? You can see who hasn’t opened an email from you in the last three months or hasn’t recently replenished their stock of your product. Re-invigorate their interest in you or ask them if you can help in anyway.

6. Send a Happy Anniversary email with coupons

Use the date that your contact signed up or your customer first purchased your product as a milestone to thank them and remind them of all the great things you do.

Interestingly, the industries that use this style of email marketing the most are travel and hospitality, closely followed by the retail industry. Travelling to certain parts of the country or globe is very cyclical, and sending automatic email reminders for specific times of the year is another brilliant example of using email marketing to drive sales.