5 tips to overcome the social media overload

Social media overload

Social media is everywhere these days, from personal pages on Facebook, to professional contacts on LinkedIn, to managing business pages on Google+, and all sorts of Twitter accounts. Add to that a blog, and anyone can see how businesses can quickly become overloaded and overwhelmed.

Is there such a thing as managing social media time in this social media-saturated world? Like anything in life, moderation is key. Follow these 5 simple tips to overcome the oversharing, and balance social media with the needs of your business and your life.

Limit usage

Obvious, but true. Carefully plan and manage social media usage, and limit it to certain times of the day. Set aside 10-20 minutes at the beginning or end of the day for this task, and stop once that limit is met. Also, consider using a social media managing service like TweetDeck to automatically post about blogs or other relevant materials (See tip #5).

Get some help

Find out what you are not good at, and get some help in that area. If you have some amazing ideas to share but never get around to sharing them, it’s a waste.  You may need the skills of a great writer to put some meat around your blogging topics or to help with running a Facebook competition once a quarter. An expert will generate better results and can easily be hired freelance or integrated into a marketing agency plan.

Create a content plan

You can waste a bunch of energy thinking about what to talk about if forced to do so on the spot. Then the post never gets written. Rather, once or twice a year, take time to plot out key topics you want to cover. A content plan will also ensure that your marketing efforts are consistent with all other activities running at the same time.

Choose platforms wisely

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be present everywhere. Each industry has specific social media platforms that are most relevant to it. Find out what those platforms are in your industry, and focus your social media strategies there.

Expand a blog

When we write blogs posts for clients and for Pollen Marketing, we write the correlating Tweets, Facebook, and Google + updates there and then. We also create a boilerplate explanation. This way, one idea is repurposed for several social media platforms in a seamless, non-repetitive way. These updates can also be prescheduled to coincide with a blog launch.

The important thing is to approach social media with a strategic and disciplined plan so that you have an impact without getting burned out.