2013 recap: 5 business trends we saw on The Pulse


The more content we publish, the more we learn about you and your concerns in business. Rummaging through our posts last year, we saw trends emerge from a variety of topics on the Pulse. These are 5 themes that piqued your interest in 2013 on the Pulse.

1.       Nothing is certain but death and taxes. The latter concerns you… a lot.

The overarching theme when it comes to taxes, unsurprisingly, was how to minimize your tax obligations as much as possible.

2.       You want to retire. Now.

It doesn’t matter whether you are running a business, a wage earner or a stay-at-home mum, retirement concerns everyone. As living costs and house prices go up (or spiral out of control), we seem to be working harder towards that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The question is: how much is enough?

 3.       You’re looking to make more money or get free money for your business

While I highly doubt this was a theme specific to 2013, I’m sure the uncertain economic outlook played its part last year.

 4.       You’re worried about Taxable Payments

Last year, businesses in the building and construction industry had to submit a Taxable Payments Annual Report to comply with a new law meant to regulate the industry and catch those who evade taxes.

 5.       You like the cloud. And you want to get to know it more to work mobile.

Nobody wants to be chained to a desk all day.  The cloud offers that flexibility and functionalities that allow you to bring your business on the go.