12 tips for managing social media on the go


Social media can be a great business tool — as long as it doesn’t run you mad! Here are some tips for managing social media when you are on the run.

1. Be strategic

Know your purpose for being on social media and how it fits in with your business goals. Be clear on what value or service you are providing your customers through social media.

2. Don’t do everything

Don’t try and cover all social media platforms. Choose one or two of the most appropriate social media channels for your customers, and do them well.

3. Determine your schedule

Determine how and with what equipment you are best placed to service your social media channels. For example, where are you going to post updates? In the office, on the run from your phone, laptop or tablet? Will it be different from where you comment, share, like and read feeds?

4. Set some time

Allocate set times to manage social media. Plan to devote some time either at the beginning, end, or middle of the day. Another good way to determine the best time is to consider when your customers are most likely viewing their social media feeds.

5. Get the balance right

Ensure you get the social media content balance right. Make sure it’s 80 percent about others and 20 percent about you.

6. Timely posts

As appropriate, schedule some posts ahead of time using social media tools such as SocialOomph or HootSuite. Remember, timely posts that encourage a response are best not automatically scheduled.

7. Find the right tech

Get the right technology to handle social media on the run. Ensure you download social media apps for your devices, and always have your own access to the Internet in case Wi-Fi is not available.  Use technology as your friend, and ensure you get social media notifications so you don’t miss important posts, tweets or messages.

8. Plan in advance

If you are often on the go, plan for social media opportunities a week in advance. Always put a time limit on your social media, as it’s very easy for ten minutes to turn into one hour!

9. Make a priority list

Have a social media priority list that reflects your strategy. Do the most important things first and the less important (but nice to do) things only if you have more time.

10. Fill in your time

Utilise unexpected pockets of time, such as arriving early at a meeting or when taking public transport, to check in with your social media accounts.

11. Do complex tasks first

Always complete the more complex social media tasks that take more time when you time to spare. Sometimes responding to discussion threads when you are in a rush may not produce the best results.

12. Consider outsourcing

Consider outsourcing some social media tasks, but be mindful that retaining authenticity and real social engagement aspects are important. Scheduled tasks are easily outsourced, but generally the interaction, communication and conversations are best done by you.

Managing social media is an ongoing process as we interact more and try to stay relevant to our customers. Review, monitor and measure your impact on a regular basis, and be prepared to tweak your strategy for better results.

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  • Great thoughts Ailsa coz we all know what we gotta do… just fitting it in is the problem!

    Have a f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c day … Winno

    • Ailsa Page

      Absolutely couldn’t agree more! Thanks Winno