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The laborious process of identifying groups of customers with similar tastes, buying habits and demograpchic characteristics is a way of the past. youGROW is the first and only commercially available marketing database that allows you to use both the customer contact AND purchase information.

Would you like to:

  • Send thank you letters to last week’s new customers - in 30 seconds or less?
  • Find your clients who have bought a particular product or service from you, and send personalised communications - in around 30 seconds?
  • Easily see and communicate with your best customers based on when they last bought, how many times they have bought, and how much they have spent - in around 30 seconds?
  • Find and communicate with everyone who has not bought from you for any period of time - in around 30 seconds?

If the idea of handling all of your customer communication requirements in 5 minutes per week over a cup of coffee appeals, the youGROW is a must.

It's powerful, but simple and quick to use. And we include 8 hours' onsite training in the purchase price, to get you up and running with your first 2 campaigns - you start seeing immediate results.

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