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Varicon was co-developed with the construction industry to overcome the major cost management issues for site and office based staff. The Varicon platform is based on industry best practices, so change from your existing processes is minimised.

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Varicon has worked in partnership with leading civil contractors to build systems that work in the field and in the office.

We believe that there are better things construction professionals can be doing than filling in reports and spreadsheets. We built Varicon to save contractors time and money so you can focus on delivering projects and winning more work!.

Since its inception, Varicon has been built with extensive consultation with construction contractors to fit how you work. Varicon is designed to work with your existing systems and for easy implementation and use.

Our system integrates to MYOB through REST framework provided by MYOB. Our system freqently fetches data from MYOB to set a new system command. Each integration action results into data sync with MYOB.


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