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With SPS' Cloud EDI solution, integrate once to the largest network of retailers

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Every day, more trading partners require EDI as the only method of exchanging critical business documents, such as purchase orders, shipping and packing information and invoices. With SPS' Cloud EDI solution, integrate once to the industry's largest network of retailers, manufacturers, distributors, third party warehouses and more. Keep costs low with our subscription-based service, while avoiding the complexity of doing EDI in-house. We'll help you exceed the expectations of your current customers, while getting the attention of coveted new partners that are already part of our expansive network.

More than EDI

Once connected, we offer additional services that take the complexity out of compliance, with turnkey EDI services that can strengthen existing relationships and uncover new opportunities for growth. Our world-class retail cloud services are continuously improving and growing to stay ahead of your business needs with enhancements and upgrades that keep the supply chain moving without interruption.

Expert implementation

Our team of experts will work to certify your system to our retail standard (RSX) through a straightforward process of consulting, building and testing your integration. If the unique needs of your business cause complexity, our specialists are dedicated to working with you to streamline and simplify trading partner collaboration.

One Connection, Limitless Growth

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