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With over 300 powerful business reports, you can be guaranteed to save time and effort and focus on your business activities rather than crunching numbers on a spreadsheet. From Dashboard (complete snapshot of your business) to Consolidations (consolidated P&L and Balance sheet from multiple company files), Smart Reports is your only source for comprehensive yet powerful business reports. SmartReports+ is the only web downloadable reporting system that allows you to pick and choose the reports you require and only download the ones you need. Talk to our experts NOW!

  • Job Costing - See the true breakdown of labour and purchase costs for your jobs
  • Extract budget and variance reports, profit & loss reports by account level, claims & retentions
  • Category - Extract category P&L statements
  • Exceptions - Generate exception reports
  • Inventory - What are your best / worst selling products? Who are your top customers?
  • Consolidation - Consolidate multiple MYOB company files
  • Multiple currency - Maintain transactions in multiple currencies, SmartReports+ handles multiple currencies smartly!
  • Select the report(s) you need from over 100, covering sales, job costing, payroll, purchases, inventory etc
  • Identify which customers, sales people, territories or products are delivering better margins. Does increased revenue really mean increased margins?
  • Report by Custom Lists and Custom Fields
  • Generate tabular and graphical reports at the click of a button
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