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Integrate your Shopify store with MYOB AccountRight so you can save time, reduce errors, and worry less.

MYOB AccountRight by Shypyard allows you to synchronize the following processes across Shopify and MYOB

1. When an Order is created in your Shopify store, create an *Invoice* in MYOB AccountRight

2. When a new Product is created in your Shopify store, create new *Items* in MYOB AccountRight

3. When Stock Levels are updated in MYOB AccountRight, update the *inventory levels* in your store


You also have a robust set of customizable options within each integration process:

#1 When an Order is created in your Shopify store, automatically create an Invoice in MYOB AccountRight


(a) Synchronizing Orders from Shopify

* Selecting what types of store orders should be synchronized into MYOB AccountRight, based on payment status, fulfillment status, and origin (ie: web order vs draft order)

* Create transaction as sale invoice or sale order

* Easily keep track which orders are from Shopify by automatically assigning an order prefix in MYOB

* Customize which category your Shopify orders fall within


(b) Matching tax codes between apps

* Set a Default Selling Tax Code for new customers, and easily map tax codes for each existing customer group


(c) When an order is synced, automatically create new Items in MYOB AccountRight


You can easily set up the following default accounts for new items:

* Income Account

* Expense Account

* Selling and Buying Tax Codes

* also choose whether you want to create each new item as an inventoried or non-inventoried item


#2 When a Product is created in your store, Create new Items in MYOB AccountRight

* Assign an Income Account for Sold Items

* Assign an Expense Account for Purchased Items

* Use Selling Tax Code and Buying Tax Code

* Creating Inventoried versus Non-Inventoried Items


#3 When Stock Levels are updated in MYOB AccountRight, update the *inventory levels* in your Shopify store

* Use MYOB as the source of truth for all your inventory

* Choose whether you want to set your Shopify inventory based on "Quantity Available", "On Hand", or "Committed" stock types in MYOB

* Customize which location should sync with MYOB inventory counts


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