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Automatically sync Salesforce with MYOB AccountRight

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Salesforce - OneSaas

Integrate Salesforce and MYOB AccountRight Live

With these apps automatically sharing data, you’ll save hours of work – leaving you more time for business!

Perfect for B2B Sales, Services and eCommerce.

Your accounting, completely automated

When an opportunity is created in Salesforce, the invoice and customer is created in MYOB AccountRight Live.

Salesforce always gets kept up-to-date

When an invoice is created in MYOB AccountRight Live, an opportunity and account is created in Salesforce.

Keep your products in sync

When products are created or updated, they are synced both ways between Salesforce and MYOB AccountRight Live.

Automate your entire business with OneSaas

Conect all the apps you use to run your business, including ecommerce, fulfillment, billing & invoicing and email marketing. More than 

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