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Managing a building, construction, or manufacturing a business with 10+ employees is hard work! Finally, a platform that uses single entry data to effortlessly flow from estimate to accountant.

Designed with industry knowledge, QicWorks takes the hard work out of complex rates, transient workers or sharing resources across trading entities, all while empowering users to capture meaningful field data.

“As a Job Management platform, QicWorks has the features a business needs. It can be accessed anywhere at any time, is user friendly and extremely easy to navigate” John Mackenzie (NSW, Australia)

QicWorks removes the need for multiple software applications & spreadsheets to calculate job profitability, track team compliance and safety.

With key features such as: -

·       One platform for jobs, business, payroll, scheduling, rosters, digital forms, safety, training & compliance

·       Ability to have shopfront, workshop and work site work (multiple organisations) all in the one account

·       Timekeeping 3 ways - Timeclock, Timesheets, Day Labour Dockets

·       Use of a Work Breakdown Structure to track costs

·       Schedules, Task Planner and Assigner for easy resource allocation

·       Inbuilt algorithms for effortlessly payroll

Now business owners have the data and time they need to focus on growth.

Connecting QicWorks with MYOB

Not only do you avoid data duplication and errors, but now your financial advisors can gain deeper insights into your business operations. Simply sync with MYOB and set your account up right from the start, then push your invoices, expenses and payroll back for reconciliation.

Let’s Start Making QicWorks of Job Management

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