nTree Approvals & Alerts

Extend Greentree's Approvals and Alerts engine so you can receive alerts and process approvals directly from any mobile device.

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Receive alerts and process approvals directly from any mobile device with the assistance of this nTree applet. Alerts can be related to any event, approvals can be related to any document, and how these are viewed on the device is easily configurable from Greentree.

The nTree mobile solution

nTree is a mobile platform designed to keep teams connected and make work in the field simple and easily accessible. Built specifically for MYOB Greentree, nTree seamlessly and automatically synchronises information between Greentree and the user's device.

nTree applets can be purchased straight off the shelf. No need to purchase additional API licences or write interfaces, this powerful enterprise application seamlessly accesses the data to and from your MYOB Greentree system.

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