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Ledger IQ for MYOB AR

Cypher IQ create incredible automated business workflows for your Finance Department. Unlike many APPS Cypher IQ provides a single portal to handle all your Finance Department Workflows.

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The Cypher IQ Workflow Platform is the unltimate workflow automation application. The Platform can be configured to suit any of your business workflow requirements. From Accoutns Payable Automation to Purchase Orders, Employee Reimbursments to Management Credit Card usage, From Supplier applciaiton forms to Aged Payable Approvals, From RCTI to Accounts Receivable Automation. All processes and more can be configured for your needs.  The Platform is specifically valuable for those businesses that have multiple locations, mobile / remote staff as well as a requirement to manage approval delegations for compliance and audit requirements.  The Cypher IQ Platform has out of the box integration into MYOB wil Bills, Invoices, Spend Money, Contacts, Banking, and Timesheets.

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