KIM Transport Management System

A one stop application to manage your entire Transportation business. We manage & digitise all aspects of a business from equipment, jobs, scheduling, telematics, projects, forms QHSE, HR & Sales.

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Kynection has over 10 years experience helping manage fleets of passenger and light commercial vehicles. The solutions are especially adapted for government organisations, transport companies, car leasing and rental companies and private enterprise.

The #1 NHVR Approved EWD and CoR App.

Our solution ensures PTO, loading/unloading of bins and location management is pinpoint and our job management system ensures the delivery of correct capacity bins are achieved.

  • ​GPS car tracking
  • GPS fleet tracking system
  • GPS lock
  • Driver fatigue systems
  • Managing bin locations and entry/exit times on sites
  • Tagging (NFC) bins for asset management and recording damage
  • Ensuring utilisation performance is achieved
  • Mapping bins with time-on-site status changes
  • Providing POD sign-on-glass, bin location photographs and document imagining
  • Interface to waste management ERP/TMS
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