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Set up your own Loyalty programme for minimal cost awarding points directly from RM

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iTV Loyalty Rewards

iTV Loyalty Rewards is a purpose built, card based, Loyalty Programme that allows your customers to present a card, earn points, win random prizes and redeem points for benefits. iTV has a Loyalty system for your business, over 200 nationally now use Loyalty Rewards.

Random prizes are set at store level, their frequency is set at store level and the points per dollar sale, are set at store level, giving you the business owners, the flexibility to be as promotional as you like.

The in store process for the Loyalty Programme operates as follows:
# The Staff member changes Customer number in MYOB RM to Card number and asks the customer for date and month of birth
# Staff reads bar code on card into Programme on the desktop, the programme then searches the Loyalty database for the member, then goes to MYOB RM database and extracts relevant information and writes to the Loyalty database. (once only operation) Staff then input the date of birth into Loyalty.Once entered, the customer then selects today’s purchase.
At the register, the staff member enters sale normally against the customer using the bar code to identify the customer in MYOB RM

At the start of each day Loyalty reads yesterday's sales from MYOB RM and awards points to the customer’s history in the Loyalty database

On their next visit the customer presents card, is recognized by Loyalty, and their current points are displayed. If the customer has enough points they may choose to redeem points for Redemption Prizes or Cash off, determined at individual stores. (Number of redemption Points for each prize is set by you)

It is perfect for small business

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