Empower Workshop Productivity & Scheduling

Empower Workshop Productivity & Scheduling for joiners, engineers and composite materials based jobbing manufacturers

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Empower Factory Productivity and Scheduling

Empower Workshop Productivity & Scheduling

For joiners, engineers and composite materials based jobbing manufacturers

Empower uses Tablets on the Workshop floor.

Empower schedules workload then assigns jobs to workshop staff and tracks: all jobs, all tasks and individual workshop staff time on jobs & tasks in real time

Empower Management Software contains 150 Screens and Reports in real time all forms of:

1.           Productivity (ie. Factory, Work centre, Individual workshop staff, Process productivity etc)

2.           Production / Job Status / Work in Progress

3.           Job Cost Labour

4.           Job Scheduling / Production Planning / Forward Job Lists and Workloads

5.           Factory Floor Downtime and all other forms of Time Slippage

6.           History of Times on Jobs

7.           Hours Worked & Payroll Times & Holiday Recording

Your workshop staff view on their workshop tablets their: Assigned Job list – to Individual staff or their assigned Work Centre(s): Job priorities, Job Budgeted times when they start each job, achieved times when they complete each job

Empower's additional modules include 1) Empower Materials Ordering & Stock Control and 2) Empower Quoting

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International Phone: +64 27 2284211

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