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eBay - OneSaas

Automatically synch eBay with MYOB AccountRight

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eBay OneSaas

Automatically sync Salesforce with MYOB AccountRight

Forget spreadsheets, time-wasting sync-ups or manual data transfers. Get these two apps happily teamed up, making your life easier.

Some of the ways these apps get along:

  • Products - when a product is created or updated in eBay:
    - the product to be added to or updated in MYOB AccountRight
  • Order - when an order is placed in eBay:
    - the sales invoice and the contact to be created in MYOB AccountRight
    - the customer will be created in MYOB AccountRight
  • Payments - when a payment is created in eBay:
    - the payment to be created in MYOB AccountRight
  • Stock - when a product's stock level is updated in MYOB AccountRight:
    - the stock level to be updated in eBay


When your business apps get along, everyone's happy

  • Connect your apps in minutes, not hours
  • Sync your data hourly or daily (depending on your plan)
  • No set up fees and no contracts
  • Get started for free


Sync more than 35 other apps with OneSaas

OneSaas automatically makes sure the data in your apps is always the same. If anything doesn't match, we'll let you know – it's all part of the service.


OneSaas. Now everyone's happy.

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