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Beyond Einvoice integrates your MYOB Advanced and MYOB EXO with the Peppol international e-invoicing network.

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Beyond Einvoice is a platform built by Exobiz that leverages the Storecove network to integrate MYOB products into the worldwide Peppol network.

Once you plug in your MYOB solution into Beyond Einvoice you will have access to send and receive invoice with anyone in the Peppol network.  Electronic invoicing (or e-invoicing) is the automated exchange of invoice information directly between a buyer's and supplier's accounting systems.

With e-invoicing there will no longer be a need for businesses to generate paper-based or PDF invoices that must be printed, posted or emailed. Buyers will no longer need to manually enter or scan these into their accounting system. In Australia, the common e-invoicing standard is Peppol, which is an internationally established standard.

The Peppol standard allows invoice exchange between different accounting systems. E-invoicing is a more efficient, accurate and secure way to deal with your suppliers and buyers. 

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