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Allara Global makes training your hospitality staff easier than ever with ready-to-go courses and a best-in-class learning platform.

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At Allara Global we’re on a mission to improve skills and drive performance within the hospitality industry through engaging online learning.

From entry-level workers to senior level management, our unique combination of enterprise learning platform, off-the-shelf learning content and bespoke learning is designed to deliver the most comprehensive, engaging and effective learning experience in the hospitality space. 

Off-the-shelf Library

Access an ever-growing library of off-the-shelf compliance and hospitality skills training courses.

Bespoke Content

Our in-house team works with you to create engaging, customised, bespoke learning solutions to meet your specific requirements. 

Learning Platform

Our enterprise Learning Platform allows you to deliver highly configurable, scalable, and personalised online learning experiences to any audience.

Our Learning Platform also integrates with your favourite business systems for a seamless employee experience.

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