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Phocas Business Intelligence Software

Bag a glorious head start to business intelligence by selecting Phocas to complement MYOB.

Leverage your data with Phocas to improve reporting and analytical capabilities

Bag a glorious head start to business intelligence by selecting Phocas to complement your MYOB offering. We know your Accounts and ERP System inside out and offer solutions to match your MYOB set up.

You’ve got data. Bolt on best of breed data analytics to MYOB - even tie in other data sources too. And get results.

Phocas Software is a business intelligence company that lives by its ‘get results’ mantra. Phocas provides a web-based solution allowing users access to critical data on any internet enabled device, anytime.

No matter what MYOB offering you are using, Phocas seamlessly integrates to your ERP system to unleash your data’s full potential.

From easy-to-use dashboards to the renowned lightning-fast analysis of your ERP data, everything is designed for nontechnical people. It means even the most detailed data queries can be completed in a few simple clicks.

Phocas is used by thousands of customers in manufacturing, distribution, retailers worldwide.

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Integration Details

  • Retail Manager
  • AccountRight Classic
  • EXO
  • Advanced
MYOB RetailManager AccountRight Exo Business Exo Employer Services MYOB Advanced People MYOB Advanced Business

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It's as easy as visiting the website or, why not give them a call 1300746227 (Aus: 61263699900), and they'll tell you all you need to know to get you started.

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