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Intelligent Accounts Payable Software - 100% accurate, line by line product extraction

Save time & money. Get accurate data. Increase control & collaboration.

Lightyear provides 100% online secure SaaS solutions to automate and streamline the Accounts Payable process using proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Lightyear’s intuitive system extracts line by line data from electronic bills with 100% accuracy, instantly processing the bill and entering it into a robust approval workflow for Accounts Payable teams.

Lightyear applies rules line by line to the bill, confirms the GST is correct and price checks each product purchase against your agreed supplier pricing. The approvals workflow sends the relevant bills to the members of your team to approve.

Other useful features include statement reconciliation, reports broken down by custom categories and all data stored in the Lightyear Cloud for your regulatory period.

Lightyear Integrates seamlessly with MYOB Account Right Live and also syncs product data to inventory systems, avoiding even further data entry.

What's special about Lightyear?
Speed - processing is done instantly
Accuracy - 100% accurate data from electronic bills
Collaboration - Coordinate with your team, clients, accountant and bookkeeper in real-time to ensure a smooth AP approvals process.

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Integration Details

  • AccountRight Live

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