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FusionWMS - Warehouse Management

Core & Advanced streamline and enhance MYOB Advanced functionality extending it to mobiles

FusionWMS offers two versions of its warehouse management services: Core and Advanced. Imbedded in the MYOB Advanced, both Core and Advanced have no external databases and require no data sync. They simplify, streamline, and enhance MYOB Advanced functionality and extend it to handheld devices in the warehouse.

Core delivers essential warehouse management functionality:

  • Light footprint – No need to install any local software other than on the handheld.
  • Real-time integration – FusionWMS integrates directly with MYOB Advanced in real-time; no duplicate databases or sync processes required.
  • Barcode receiving – When receiving purchase orders or transfers, recognize items by scanning the UPC or item barcode.
  • Direct put-away – Upon receipt, the gun displays the default stock bin for each item for easy, independent put-away.
  • Check bin contents – Scan the Bin ID to see all of the bin's contents, including serial or lot detail.
  • Check item locations – From the handheld, get complete visibility of where an item is located anywhere in the warehouse.

There's more, including barcode printing, Ship Station, and various pick/ship options!

Advanced goes above and beyond Core's functions. It's designed for complex warehouse environments with functionality usually reserved for independent warehouse management applications.

  • Warehouse zones – Use bin segmentation into zones to identify aisles/sections of a warehouse for faster, more accurate picking/put-away.
  • Bin volume constraints – FusionWMS allows designation of a max and min by quantity/volume for each bin for bin optimization and auto-restock of floor bins from bulk or storage bins.
  • UOM barcodes – Add a unique barcode (system-generated or scanned from external case labels) for each unit of measure for accuracy when moving/selling case or pallet quantities.
  • License plating – Assign a License Plate or Pallet ID, which, when scanned, represents a collection of items. This is particularly helpful when assembling items for storage or future shipment.

And so much more!

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