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CreditorWatch MYOB Accounting Integration

Online credit reporting - Find out which clients pose the biggest risk to your business.

CreditorWatch is an innovative, online credit reporting bureau with over 50,000+ customers across Australia. CreditorWatch users get access to:

1. Easy to Navigate Credit Reports – Before taking on a new customer, run a credit check on the customer to see if they have any adverse information attached to their credit file. This will help to identify and avoid potential bad debtors. Simply type in their business name, ABN or ACN into the search bar. From there, the interface is designed to easily flag negative debtor activity. An easy-to- read credit score is also present on the profile.
2. Monitoring and Alerts – editorWatch provides 24/7 monitoring of your customers and sends daily alerts so that you never miss a change in a debtor’s circumstances. Whether you wish to monitor one customer or thousands, CreditorWatch will keep an eye on them. If there are any important changes such as payment defaults, court actions, insolvency notices, mercantile enquiries, ABN/ACN changes, you’ll receive an email alert so you can take proactive steps to reduce your exposure to bad debt.
3. Debt Collection Tools – CreditorWatch offers debt collection tools such as letter of demand templates for every stage of the collection process. Users have access to the logo and can place it on their letters of demand. By placing a CreditorWatch logo on invoices and statements, CreditorWatch customers have reported a 53% increased chance of receiving payment and 7 days reduced time to receive a payment.

If a customer has not paid after the final demand notice, CreditorWatch users can register a payment default against the debtor. The payment default will affect the debtor’s credit score for up to 5 years and other customers who are monitoring the debtor will receive an alert once the payment default is lodged

MYOB IntegrationCreditorWatch users also have the option to integrate with their MYOB account for free. By integrating, you are able to access additional features including:

  • Debtor Analysis – CreditorWatch will analyse your outstanding debtors and compare them against their credit profiles. The debtors that pose the biggest risk to your business and cash flow will be flagged.
  • Name Match – Name match is a tool developed by CreditorWatch that helps you identify and verify ABNs of your customers, ensuring you know exactly who you are trading with. It will update your MYOB records when a match is identified.
  • Enriched Credit Reports – When you view the files of one of your customers, we enrich the profile with your MYOB data so you can better understand how they have been paying you.
  • Automated Credit Checks - After you add a new contact into MYOB, CreditorWatch will automatically email you a credit report fort that customer
  • Why should you use CreditorWatch? Here are just a few reasons:
    1. Assess the creditworthiness of new customers
    2. Find out when existing customers are in financial distress
    3. Reduce the time it takes to get paid

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