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Online credit reporting - Find out which clients pose the biggest risk to your business.

CreditorWatch is an online credit reporting agency with over 30,000 customers across Australia. CreditorWatch users get access to:

1. Unlimited Credit Reports – Before taking on a new customer, you can run a credit check on the customer to see if they have any negative information attached to their credit file. This will help to identify and avoid potential bad debtors.
2. Customer Monitoring and Alerts – Load your customers into your account and CreditorWatch will keep an eye on them. If there are any important changes to your customers’ credit files (defaults, court judgements, administrator appointments etc) we’ll send you an email alert so you can take proactive steps to reduce your exposure.
3. High Risk Report – This identifies current customers you're dealing with that have credit risk indicators present of their credit files.

MYOB Integration CreditorWatch users also have the option to integrate with their MYOB account for free. By integrating, you are able to access additional features including, indepth credit reports, debtor ledger analysis and automatic debtor monitoring and credit reporting (credit reports are emailed to you when you create a new contact in MYOB).

Why should you use us? Here are just a few reasons:
1. Assess the creditworthiness of new customers
2. Find out when existing customers are in financial distress
3. Reduce the time it takes to get paid

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It's as easy as visiting the website or, why not give them a call 1300 50 13 12, and they'll tell you all you need to know to get you started.

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