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Transpost Plus

Import sales, purchases, customer and bill payments, items, jobs and more into MYOB

Import data into MYOB AccountRight

Directly use text files from a variety of sources to import data into MYOB AccountRight. Import data from payroll, work/job management systems or sales. Wherever your data comes from, if it can be presented in CSV or tab-delimitted format it can be imported.
TransPost Plus imports these data types:

  • Customer cards (import and update)
  • Sales Invoices and Orders (all types, full details)
  • Item details (import and update)
  • Customer payments
  • Suppliers (Insert and Update)
  • Purchase Orders and Bills (all types, full details)
  • Supplier Payments
  • Items (Insert and Update)
  • Item Pricing
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Jobs
  • Spend Money
  • Receive Money
  • General Journals
  • Timesheets
  • Personal Cards


TransPost 'mappings' flexibly relate import data columns to AccountRight fields. You can define and save as many as necessary to cover all your MYOB import requirements.

You can import transactions using minimal data - TransPost Plus can add defaults and calculate the rest. Alternatively you can set up mappings that cover every possible field in MYOB. Once saved, mappings can be reused whenever you need to.

  • Import from files irrespective of column order
  • Specify defaults or automatically retrieve them from AccountRight for unmapped or blank data
  • Calculate sale prices, where not input, using Item Price Level to look up the MYOB price matrix
  • Automatic

    Once you have set up your mappings there are many ways to import:
    • Use the Windows form, simply select your import file, choose a mapping then click theImport to MYOB button
    • Set up a run sequence so that with one click of a button you can process many files based on a specified import folder
    • Use the service so when files arrive in your specified import folder they will be processed and moved on to the output folder automatically
    • Set up command scripts to run automatically when applications download or export the data


    Just drop input data files into the nominated input folder. If the TransPost Service is running they will be processed completely automatically.


    TransPost Plus has comprehensive logging to show:
    • If any errors occurred
    • What data has been imported
    • What remains unprocessed

    For Developers

    If your system prepares data your users would like to see in AccountRight, you just need to output the data into a text file, a CSV output from a simple query will generally do. No need to inserts blank lines between transactions or use specific MYOB field names. TransPost Plus can do the rest.

    You can write a flexible Powershell or Cmd script to run specified TransPost Plus mappings against your output or just drop your output into the appropriate designated input folder for the TransPost Plus Service to pick up.


    Free 30 day trial

    For more details and download see Download TransPost Plus now and try it out.

    Just install, register and use TransPost Plus free for 30 days from the installation date.

    More information and download at

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