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Shift8 Pty Ltd 612 9360 5761 "Shift8 is a leader in cutting edge point of sale and business management systems designed for franchisors and corporate retail chains. Whether you are an established business with hundreds of stores or are just starting out our software solutions are scalable to your needs. HiveMind, the cloud based business and POS management software suite, is designed to ensure managing multiple sites is as easy as possible whilst providing the detailed business analytics and reporting capabilities required of a comprehensive POS management system. Our combined POS package, consisting of HiveMind and Drone, is a unique hybrid of the cloud for reporting, management & updates and traditional Windows based in store software for stability and reliability. Essentially you get the best of both worlds in one complete Point of Sale solution.

The team at Shift8 is committed to providing complete software systems for our clients to ensure their focus is concentrated on sales and analytics, whilst we take care of the collection, storage and maintenance of data.

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Do you code in PHP .net ruby swift F# or python*? Have you built an add-on or integration which shares (or could share) data with MYOB accounting software and services? Why not share it with us today.

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*yes we know there are many other great languages out there - you can use anything you like