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Cerebiz Pty Ltd

Cerebiz develops practical and low cost solutions that focus on any growing SME business issues of improving Cash and Profit. Standard Accounting systems generally do not provide tools and functions that focus on helping businesses to improve Cash and Profit. Cerebiz fills the gap with a comprehensive Cloud based subscription offerings such as Cerebiz Budget, My Business Maximizer (MBM).

Cerebiz budget assists businesses and accountants to work collaboratively in preparing budgets/forecast plans. MBM a comprehensive solution that assists business managers and owners with a Key Performance Indicator for Debtor Cash Control and a process for improved Cash Collection as part of a comprehensive daily, weekly, monthly Cash Flow projections module.

MBM analyses gross margin and dollar contribution to devise strategies and actions to improve Product/Job, Customer, and Sales Person/Partner profitability. And much more including P&L 'What if..' budget scenarios and settings Budgets, Budget Variance monitoring and forecasting, and the elimination of spread sheets and hours and hours of manipulating data for advanced Analysis and Reporting.

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*yes we know there are many other great languages out there - you can use anything you like