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With over 25 years of practical experience in the implementation and support of financial management systems for project based businesses, the founders and developers of Workbench software utilise this knowledge to provide a system that reduces the need for tiresome spreadsheets and duplication of data entry. Development of the current Workbench system commenced in 1997, in response to demands from customers for a system that met the functional requirements of project managers and operational staff, as well as easily interfacing to the existing accounting system. Today we interface with MYOB and a range of other commonly used accounting products. This fundamental design philosophy remains with us today and has proven to be successful, with many project based businesses around the world now using Workbench. Our team works directly with a broad range of these customers using their feedback, to ensure that the software continues to meet the functional needs of current business and project management practices. The development team at Workbench continually review technology trends to ensure that the Workbench software remains compatible with the latest industry technology standards and use Microsoft database and development tools.

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*yes we know there are many other great languages out there - you can use anything you like