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The REST API service is provided for customers to be able to integrate Assignar with MYOB Exo. Through the web service, customers can programmatically create, retrieve, update, or delete objects from their Assignar database using HTTP calls to our API endpoints.

Read the case study to learn more about the implementation process

API Mapping summary:

Most customers use the following API endpoints to connect Assignar with MYOB exo

  • Debtors in EXO to Clients in Assignar.
  • Stock Items in EXO to Roles in Assignar.
  • Cost Groups in EXO to Activities in Assignar.
  • Staff( added as job cost resource) in EXO to Users in Assignar.
  • Serviceable Units in EXO to Assets in Assignar.
  • Jobs in EXO to Projects in Assignar.
  • Job Lines in EXO to Orders and Tasks in Assignar.
  • Time Sheets in Assignar to Job Transitions in Exo.

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