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Empower Software

Empower Software is industry specific software developed for Joiners, Engineers and other Manufacturers 100% of our clients manufacture one off custom designed products where each new product is different from the last, manufactured to client specifications and in batch sizes of 1.

Empower Software has 15 years experience and strong track record of achieving substantial factory productivity increases for our clients.

3 Spokes to Empower Software

  1. Very good software. Designed by and for joiners, engineers and other manufacturers. 200 clients over 15 years
  2. Very good implementation. Empower Headquarters have implemented our software on 200 client sites previously. Empower is guaranteed to be working well in your business within 5 days.
  3. Very good on going support. Upgrades of software every fortnight. Our policy of (1) free client requested development and (2) all development going into the 'boiling pot' and all development there released to all clients ensures our software is always progressing. Very good Help System. Also clients have the option of high caliber production manager & expert user of Empower at heavily subsidies rate of $50 / hour to help you assess your business fully and set up Empower correctly on day 1

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*yes we know there are many other great languages out there - you can use anything you like