AccountEdge: New Dropbox API


I have received an update to AccountEdge Mobile – what is it for?

This is an important update which supports the latest Dropbox API. It is important to update to this version for continued use of AccountEdge Mobile. Dropbox API is used for syncing between your mobile and desktop app.

What is an API?

API (Application Programming Interface) controls how different applications and services such as AccountEdge and Dropbox interact. Dropbox have made improvements to their API and have released a new version. The API controls how AccountEdge logs into Dropbox.

When will Dropbox stop supporting their old API?

Dropbox are currently supporting existing users on the older version of their API but this support will end at the end of April 2013. New users of Dropbox will now use the new API which is supported by the AccountEdge updates.

Do I need to update my desktop AccountEdge as well?

Yes your desktop version of AccountEdge also requires an update as it also connects to Dropbox using the Dropbox API. If you don’t update your desktop version it won’t sync with Dropbox.

What should I do?

If you wish to continue to use AccountEdge Mobile you should update your device to use AccountEdge Mobile v2.1 and also update your desktop version of AccountEdge to v12.1 (AU 16.5.1).

I am using AccountEdge Pro/Network Edition v12 or AccountEdge Basic v1 – what should I do?

An update is available for AccountEdge Pro and Network v12 and AccountEdge Basic v1. Login into your my.myob account to access the update.

I am using AccountEdge v11 – is there an update for v11?

AccountEdge v11 is not being updated. If you use AccountEdge v11 with AccountEdge Mobile you should upgrade to AccountEdge v12.