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Make quick business decisions, manage insolvency and register a company with these solutions


Automate and streamline the accounting process for you and your clients

Less data entry in your day

BankLink Practice can memorise your clients’ recurring transactions and automatically code them for you. You’ll have more time for more important things than data entry.


Peace of mind

More than 120 banks and financial institutions provide direct, secure bank feeds from your clients’ account. This includes credit cards, credit unions, building societies, SMSFs and rural data, and your clients will never need to share their internet banking passwords.

The highest quality data

Accurate data is delivered as soon as it’s made available. This gives you the ability to report on the health of your clients’ business at any time and to build on your role as advisor.

Stay in control

BankLink puts you, the accountant, at the heart of the accounting process so you can easily manage your clients’ information and your relationship with them.


Easy communication with clients

Simple, easy to use software means you and your clients will be up and running in no time, exchanging information using whichever BankLink tool best suits their needs.


3 easy ways to communicate with your clients:


BankLink Coding Report

For clients with no accounting or computer knowledge. A basic report you can email, fax or post to your clients.


BankLink Notes

For clients familiar with the basics of accounting and computing. Available online, on mobile devices, or as desktop software.


BankLink Books

For clients who want to be involved in their day-to-day bookwork. This allows clients to produce their own financial and management reports.

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"We love MYOB BankLink and use it very extensively in our practice. It allows us to be as efficient as possible and to offer our clients the most cost effective solution on the market"

Peter Hexter, Cooper Aitken


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