Frequently asked questions

Why is MYOB putting this program in place?

MYOB has been made aware of inaccuracies in some training materials available in the wider market and have had customer feedback expressing dissatisfaction at this. As such we feel we have a responsibility to both our customers and publishers of MYOB materials to help promote high quality MYOB training publications for MYOB users.

What benefits are there for me, either as a Partner, or for my business in general?

There are significant benefits of joining the program, which are outlined on the relevant program application forms. Major benefits include early access to Student Edition software, Technical Support, and implicit permission for use of MYOB’s intellectual property.

What is the definition of a Publication?

A publication is considered to be a single collection of printed material that is offered for distribution to the public.

Will we receive the Student Edition?

Yes, program members will receive a full version of the Student Edition when it is released. This year the Student Edition including v16 is due to be released around September.

When will we receive Beta software?

It is intended that Program members will receive pilot software during May. This will be a transaction-limited version of the software.

What if there are bugs in the software?

MYOB will provide a data sheet outlining bugs identified in pilot versions that will be fixed for the full version, allowing authors to easily identify and update these areas of their publications.

Will we be able to upgrade files created in the Pilot software to full version/ Student Edition once released?

Yes, you will be able to upgrade datafiles using the standard process.

What will the Author's Assessment look like?

The author's assessment will assess competency in various areas of the software, including those areas most commonly covered in published material. It is intended that it will be an online assessment. There will be a comprehensive initial assessment followed by annual updates which will focus on the new features of the software.

Why do I have to do an Author Assessment if I am already a qualified MYOB Certified Consultant?

Because this is a different program that focuses on different aspects of the software and particularly the ways in which the information is presented to MYOB users. MYOB do not intend to have significant crossover in the content covered in the CC Assessment and the Author’s Accreditation.

Why do Publishing Partners not have to pay for the initial Author’s Assessment?

MYOB wants to strongly encourage all authors under this membership level to undergo the Author’s Assessment. Due to the high-volume distribution of MYOB publications at this level the quality of these texts becomes of greater importance.

What will be included in the Marketing Pack?

Program members will receive a copy of the MYOB branding guidelines, and will also have access to print quality product boxshots and screensnaps. MYOB will also supply a document highlighting the major changes between annual version releases that can be distributed to MYOB users.

Do I still need to activate my datafiles?

MYOB encourages anyone training in or learning MYOB to be using the Student Edition, as this does not require Activation. Hence there should not be a need to have datafiles activated as long as Student Edition software is being used in training or supplied with texts. Program members may choose to have datafiles activated if they wish, however there will be a nominal fee associated with this.

Why have you developed two different levels of membership?

MYOB have done extensive research before implementing this program, and have identified that the needs of publishers vary. By creating two levels of program membership we are able to better meet the needs of different types of publishers.

When and how can the logos be used?

The logos can be used in publications whose author was an Accredited Author at the time of authoring the text, or in direct association with an Accredited Author. For updates of publications that were written prior to the introduction of this program, the Accredited Author must review the publication in its entirety before the logo can be applied to it.

What about electronic publications?

Electronic publications are treated in the same way as material that is printed in hard copy.

How long does permission for my texts last?

Permission for texts lasts as long as you are a program member and abide by the terms and conditions of the membership agreement. If you cease to be a program member you will not be able to use MYOB copyright material in any reprints of publications for which you had permission at time of initial printing or in any additional publications.

Why does the Publishing Associated level only get 8 text permissions?

Our research indicated that the target type of publishers for this level generally produce around a maximum of 5 MYOB publications. MYOB want to encourage the focus to be on the delivery of training and education to MYOB users, rather than the creation of excess training materials which is costly and time-consuming for smaller businesses.

Why is there a fee for further text permissions?

MYOB wants to encourage the focus to be on the delivery of training and education to MYOB users, rather than the creation of excess training materials which can be very costly and time-consuming for smaller businesses, especially given there is so much MYOB Training material already available in the wider market.

Will MYOB be checking my text for accuracy?

No. MYOB is not in a position to take responsibility for the accuracy of texts authored by third parties. The Authors’ Accreditation provides a base-level of assessment on the author’s knowledge of the software, but this does not guarantee their ability to translate this knowledge into instructional learning materials.

What is the difference between standard reseller price and the reduced price?

There will be a difference of approximately $2 between the standard reseller price and the price for MYOB Publishers Program members, once the 2006 version of the Student Edition software is released.

How do I know which solution is right for me?

Refer to the information and comparison document that is available on the MYOB website.

Alternatively call MYOB Customer Service who will be able to identify the right solution for your needs

Are there any exemptions?

In rare instances (eg some not-for-profit organisations) MYOB may decide to waive the program membership fee. These applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.